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How to Find “Natural” Business Inspiration, By Dean Burgess

Inspiration comes from many places, all of which can help us become well-rounded individuals capable of launching innovative operations and creative services. If you're someone who enjoys getting out into the great outdoors, and you hold a focus on sustainability, you may draw some of your business inspiration from the natural world. Simply Green Mums can provide tips, insights, and resources to help you tap into this insight and live a more sustainable personal and professional life.

Define Your Operational Functions

Very little in nature is a mistake, and many ecosystems are symbiotic, in that they work in harmony with one another. You can use this information to develop a comprehensive business strategy and business plan that will structure the way you operate your company. Your business plan should be detailed, well thought out and realistic, and should outline key operational objectives and functions. Planning your business in a way that allows you to be thoughtful, proactive, and well organized can help ensure a smooth start-up, successful operations, and unlimited potential for growth and prosperity.

Enjoy Solitude

Entrepreneurs often work long hours, often on their own, and as such, being comfortable alone can help you be more self-sufficient and focused. In fact, according to Mind, it can actually be good for your mental health. Spend time meditating in nature, whether that’s sitting quietly by a pristine lake, hiking to the top of a mountain, or even walking in a field of wildflowers. Taking this time to be at one with your thoughts can lead to moments of epiphany and clarity, which can aid in productive brainstorming and problem-solving, as well as help you manage the stress that can sometimes come with an entrepreneurial life. Getting outside and leaving technology behind also gives you time to disconnect from all of the “noise” and re-center yourself.

Find Beauty Everywhere

There are wonders of nature all around us, but it takes a special person to recognize and fully appreciate that beauty and incorporate it into all elements of life. Tap into this energy in the way you design business materials, using both the muted and vibrant colors associated with what you admire in nature. Incorporate these elements in designing marketing tools, which, according to Hug, should include things like well-designed collateral pieces and an engaging website that showcases your products and services. If you need help finding a capable web designer, search online job platforms, read reviews, ask about delivery times, and compare costs before hiring. Most web designers charge between $15 and $30 per hour, but costs may be higher for those with exceptional skill sets. Search, “how much should you charge as a freelance web developer” to get a feel for pricing.

Live and Work Sustainably

Cutting down on personal and business waste isn’t just a matter of recycling and repurposing, it's also about finding ways to live in harmony with the planet. Use sustainable products in all elements of your business and make sure you articulate your stance to your consumers. Many savvy shoppers opt to do business with companies that have an environmentally friendly approach to operations, so make that part of your marketing strategy. If you print materials or develop collateral pieces that are recyclable or made with sustainable products, note that fact on your work to demonstrate your good corporate stewardship.

Launching an entrepreneurial endeavor is a time and emotion-intensive undertaking. Get back to nature as much as possible, whether that’s occasionally working outdoors, creating a workspace that allows you to incorporate elements from nature, or simply seeking respite and inspiration in your favorite outdoor settings on a regular basis. You’ll feel more peaceful, less stressed, and your business will have room to bloom!

Simply Green Mums provides a wealth of resources to help you live a more sustainable life and reduce your carbon footprint. Visit the site today to learn more.

Photo By Pixabay

Our Guest Blogger, Dean Burgess, started Excitepreneur to explore the areas of entrepreneurship that are often overlooked, and share with current and aspiring entrepreneurs the stories and lessons he has learned. He fully believes entrepreneurs will lead us to a more exciting future. Follow allow at,, from Phoenix, AZ.

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