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Why I (Nina) chose Beautycounter… and I am going to be honest!

I do confess, and have to clearly state… that my personal reasons for joining Beautycounter does differ from the Simply Green Mums-environmental side of me, however compliment my overall reasons! The environmental side of me is easily excited, and reassured, that companies can hold a global BCorporation certification (taking people, profit AND planet equally), and still be successful at the same time. Companies can be completely conscience of their overall carbon footprint while still producing a great product that performs. BIG game changer when it comes to finding products you can trust AND are better for the environment!

I will get right into my personal reasons for joining the Beautycounter team, and it has nothing to do with make-up, or beauty care products…those are just additional perks that I am so happy are a compliment ;). I’ve always been pretty simple when it comes to my morning regime; wash face with water and a cloth, add some mascara, maybe some concealer to cover up my mama-eye bags, and off to work I go! So, I will tell you my little secret; I was hooked on Beautycounter even BEFORE trying their products!

I am a believer that our past is what brings us to our present. I share with you that I did not have the easiest journey growing up; where I never quite felt like I belonged. I grew up in a very broken space as a child. With my early teen years being equally challenging. I was some how granted a second chance and blessed by my best friends family. They accepted me into their home as their own and never looked back. One of the toughest moments for me during that transition time was the fact that I was loved, that I had a family who cared where I was, and what I did, and actually tucked me into bed and told me, “you’re a winner kid”. It was a lot to compute as a child! Those were the darkest of days… and I am absolutely fortunate and grateful for all the good and bad that has hit me as an individual as it has made me stronger and fiercely wiser. This is what ignites my fire within. I want better. I want more. I always want to strive for the best version for whatever and whomever I can be!

Now after all that babble…

I choose Beautycounter because as cliché as it sounds; I am hopeful for a better world...I choose to be apart of a mission that brings every human, the knowledge and power that they deserve! I choose Beautycounter because I know it’s not easy, but it will be worth every minute to belong to this mission of change! I also choose to beat to my own drum, run my own mini-world, and work things the way I want to work them. I can make my own hours, I can have the independence I need while still supporting my family in the way they need it.

I feel inspired and eager to do what I do best; educate, support, help, nurture and mentor people I care about. I look forward to sharing the best part of me with the world ahead, and so happy that Beautycounter has aloud me to do this!

I joined Beautycounter because I love to be apart of a mission to fight for better! To fight for this idea that we all deserve better!

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