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At home ideas to keep the KIDS busy!

At home ideas to keep the kids busy!

Here’s some details I’ve come up with so far as a mama and teacher by trade, this world we face ahead ain’t easy even from someone who spends their days in a classroom! Here’s some tips I have picked up so far….

Preparing an activity the night before is key! While the kids are in bed, set up a little activity to get them started in the morning…Think like it’s December, and you have to come up with some creative idea for your “Elf on the Shelf” … you now have parent-homework ;)

Here’s some quick ideas to start your morning…

-Leave a game set up and ready to begin (ex. JENGA, Mousetrap, BOGGLE, card games, crossword, SODUKU, memory)

-Whiteboards with markers (practice alphabet, multiplication, spelling everything they see in the kitchen)

-Magnet blocks


-Building blocks

-Colouring books

-Play dough

-Pipe cleaner creations


-New colouring pages…(search “printable colouring pages” on Google)

-Magazines to cut up and paste on cardboard

-Math questions (ask a neighbour friend to create a worksheet and drop off in the mailbox)

-Writing/Reading Worksheet (also free printables)

-CD & book read aloud

-Sensory bin (dry beans, pasta, rocks, leaves, wine corks ;)… something less maintenance for the morning)

-Take observation notes from the science experiment you have going for the week (ex. celery in coloured water, growing seeds, rotting apple core)

-Cookbooks to sticky note their favourite recipes they would like to cook

-Chores (ex. Unload dishwasher, sweep floor, fold laundry)

-Count the money left on the counter and record on a sheet

-Indoor scavendgar hunt (ex. Count the number of stairs in the house, the number of doors, number of tiles in the kitchen, collect objects that pinch or that bend).

A few cute videos to share!

Check this out… Ripleys Aquarium has a live shark cam….

Some cute penguins wondering around the aquarium in Chicago…

The Ministry of Ontario has now officially shared some online resources that are suited for elementary to secondary it’s called; Learn at Home . Find supplementary resources for elementary and secondary students to practice math and literacy skills and learn at home.

Pour des autres idees!... et en Francais!

Brought to you by Camp Tournesol…FREE French Workbook…and more offered on their site! Printable activities that keep the French Language growing.

Great creative ideas here for any language!

Let’s all keep in mind… this ain’t easy! We aren’t all born to be care-givers and teachers, so let’s come together to make this process a little easier and share what does work! Stay healthy, humble and kind J

Please check out our new branch for outdoor and environmental education on Instagram; Simply Green Learning.

XO Nina

Your Guide to


(for the non homeschoolers)

8 am - MOVEMENT-Family workout-Yoga-Stretching


10 am- OUTDOOR-adventure-exploration-activity


Noon- HEALTH-Baking-Cooking-LUNCH

1 pm- SCIENCE-Experiments-Hands on sensory

2 pm- ARTS-Creative-Music

3 pm- SOCIAL-Facetime-Video call- Game

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