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We may appear to have it all together…

But we don’t! Social media is a great platform to build a business, stay connected

with long lost friends, share videos and photos, or document your day to day living. It is also a fabulous way to showcase the best, most perfected happy life…or so we

believe! Posting nothing but refined and filtered photos that hide our blemishes,

tears and fears. It’s really easy for anyone to perform, and make it all look seamless.

We will be the first to admit and confident to say… we do not have it all together! We

often feel overwhelmed, anxious, scared of missing moments, paranoid of being an

awful mother and wife, not working hard enough at our day jobs, and just pulled in all directions with no real success in any of them. Argh! Being a full-time working mother is so much harder than it looks! It feels like a really bad circus act of juggling a full-time day job, 2 young kids at home, don’t forget a hubby who needs some lovin’ too, and our side gig of, Simply Green Mums to add to it all… So prepare

yourself for some real life confessions of how we just try to keep it all together! If

you follow our stories on social media, you’ll note we often post about coffee and

wine! Really they act as our catapults to keep us moving, maybe not always forward,

but just plain moving.

We can also promise you, our goal is to not just post our “highs”, but also the “lows”,

and let you know that the struggle is real, the demands are overwhelming and we

feel the pressure EVERY day to put on the pretty face and pretend like it’s easy. Life

is so complicated, stressful and at an extremely fast pace. Here’s bringing it to you

real, all filters glam and glitz removed.

Straight up real confessions from Nina: I haven’t cleaned the toilets all summer, we

have no shower door, as it broke off and is still leaning against the other bathroom

wall, oh nor have I washed the bed sheets. Our backyard is full of weeds, I haven’t

been to the dentist in over 2 years and I think my worms (compost bin) are dying.

I always set big goals for myself in the summer, and one of them was to work out

every week, and it’s only happened 3 times… I also promised my daughter we would

finally add some décor to her room, like paint and pictures on the wall.. that still

hasn’t happened.

Straight up real confessions from Sam: I haven't washed the floors in over a month, my laundry piles up on the couches downstairs, on my desk, and in my bedroom on the FOLDING table or rocking chair, for months on end... Our backyard still has a swamp, I’m late for work EVERY DAY, and look like I just came out of the jungle, I sometimes don’t shower for 5 days (thanks corn starch), I have five pairs of underwear, because I don’t have much time to shop for myself and it’s the only item I won’t buy second hand, I bathe my kids once a week, in the summer I often stretch that to two weeks (chlorine baby!), If it wasn’t for my husband the kitchen would never be clean, I’m a sink stacker! My bedside table has stacks of books and piles of paper, pens, coupons, and crap and it’s never tidy (anxiety), I have five years +worth of bills

(paid) important documents, and papers that need to be filed in three laundry pins shoved in my closet, I too have been trying to “start” to work out for 5 months now, just get it together Sam!

We hope you don’t feel alone… the struggle is real and we are here to live the reality

with you!


Keep’in it real,

Nina & Sam

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