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Happy Mother's Day... A Tribute to Nina's Mom

Dear ‘Ma,

This is a letter I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time now… A letter you deserve, and words you need to hear. I know I don’t say it enough or share with you my thoughts and appreciation for your unconditional love you’ve given me since the beginning. You have been at the core of it all, and would be by my side not matter what kind of crazy, blubbering mess I’m in. You have this way of bringing me back down to a calm and realistic state, then sharing your wisdom and guidance to get me

back on track.

Firstly, I thank you for being the one who fought for me from the start. The one who just knew all the little things I needed to make my transition into a safe space comfortable. Creating a space where I felt like I belonged. You were the one who allowed me to repaint and redecorate my room in ANY crazy way I wanted….even if you had JUST spent hours wallpapering the “guest” room. You focused on pulling happiness out of extreme sadness, and treated me like a daughter, even before I “officially” moved in. Shopping dates, with just the girls, and laughter shared, as we sat in the mall food court, enjoying a KFC chicken burger. Our shopping trips didn’t end there, you knew how to speak to a little-teens heart, and you even would take Jenn and I out to buy us a new pair of jeans, or a new outfit! I felt like the most spoiled kid on the block! … and I won’t even get into what Christmas looked like…you made it your mission to spoil me to the core with love, memories and the biggest filled stocking I have ever seen! Those are moments I hold onto, and still have the very first gift tag from my first Christmas… “Love Mom and Dad P”…..

You encouraged me to explore and continue past relationships and pushed me to make better decisions that would later give me strength. I felt protected, yet still uncomfortable from the growth you supported. You were open and encouraging and ultimately, looked out for my best interest. I always knew and felt in my heart you cared, loved and wanted nothing but the best for me….I’m pretty sure you would kick just about anyone’s ass, just to stand up for me…small but mighty you are ;) Ultimately, I thank you for believing in me and always standing by my side no matter how much mess I had to clean up. I thank you for your honesty and continued guidance… I know for a fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you. I thank you for the many moments that you’ve taken the “backseat” to being my Mom, because of the chaotic circumstances that prevail. You put yourself last, because you wanted to make me feel more comfortable. I am forever grateful for the strong human I have become, because of you. I love you, and thank you for being my Mom.

Love Nina

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