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It’s that time again, and my mini-egg addiction is in full force, someone PLEASE give me a healthy chocolate or organic alternative!!! Ok, putting the bag down….wait, one more! OK, making your Easter week-end ECO-FRIENDLY. Holidays are the absolute worst for single use plastics, it really is sooooo bad, and it all goes into the trash to sit there for 200 plus years, not cool! Here are some options to keep it clean and green!

  1. Buy these awesome biodegradable eggs and fill them with organic candy, or candy from the Bulk Barn (no waste when you bring your own glass jars) : Eco Eggs® 18 ct. (bed bath and beyond, amazon, Mrs. Greenways)... or coins to fill their piggy banks.

  2. Use wood or felt eggs.

  3. Most health food stores, or even Fortinos health section, has organic jelly beans, organic gummies, organic chocolate, and you can add those to food safe re-usable baggies.

  4. Buy organic chocolate bars and break up the little squares & add them to the biodegradable eggs :) my fav is the Green & Blacks organics.

  5. Another option for reusable; I recently bought reusable “shark themed” food safe bags from Thirty-One and I will put a “recyclable” gift card in it to a play place, bowling, swimming, movies, trampoline park, or special event for my kiddies.

  6. Decorate REAL eggs and eat them! A favorite pastime of mine and as long as I can remember, we did this with my mom and loved it, also, my Babcia (Polish grandma) would get her REAL easter eggs blessed and we’d eat them with our Easter lunch :)

  7. Buy a puzzle at a second hand store, and put each piece in a bio-egg, wood or felt egg, and make it a quest or game out of it… The joy of discovery keeps on giving as the kids search for the eggs, then have to piece the puzzle together!

  8. If you have to buy a toy- choose wisely, wood toys, there are many brands, just watch out for the paint, Green Toys (items made of recycled materials), Organic stuffies, such as Peppa Tino, Peace Love organic mom, Under the Nile, Elly Lu, and organic farm buddies to name a few. Also consider second hand options.

  9. 9- Free nail polish or eco-friendly tattoos (found at Nature’s Emporium in Burlington).

  10. Lastly, just enjoy the time together, go to the local park, go for a walk, snuggle and watch a movie, it doesn't have to always be about “getting something”. Family time has always been super important to me, gathering with cousins, aunts, uncles, my brother and now his family, it’s my number one priority to laugh and spend quality time, and it’s something I am forsure instilling in my children as well.

With that being said, enjoy your EASTER holidays this week-end!

Peace, love, and greeness!


Simply Green Mums

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