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Holiday Eco Market @ Jackson Triggs!

We’re about to kick off our 4th Eco Market, by Simply Green Mums, and of course it’s Holiday themed :) Finding vendors that are environmentally friendly is so important to us, especially after our buy nothing new year. We made a pact, that this year we’d continue with second hand as much as possible, and when we did purchase something new, we’d try for something more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Since Earth Day 2018, I’m confident in saying...we’ve done well!

If you are thinking about joining us this Saturday, November 10th, from 1 - 4pm, @ Jackson Triggs Winery, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, you won't regret it! There will be many boutique items, that are safe and sustainable for gifting, or receiving :). Eco-consciousness is becoming a “thing”, as it should, so why not gift something on trend, that's better for the planet than a plastic gimmick? Avoid the large box-store crowds and feel better about supporting local. Please come on out to soak up the great vineyard views, to taste some wine and shop local, healthy and safe products...did we mention there is wine?!?!

Our mission is to select vendors that we personally love, or source someone new that meets our environmental standards; so here it goes, the twenty something vendors we were lucky to have join us will be...

Samantha & Tanja, Holistic Moms- These lovely ladies make items for yourself and your children with hand picked Canadian Suppliers, everything from teething rings to lotions and sprays!

Ashley Shortall, Mind Your Bees- Beautifully made Beeswax wraps (one of my fav items for lunch wrap, for leftovers) and has completely eliminated plastic wrap & foil in my home. These would be great stocking stuffers, or toppings for presents because the patterns are adorable.

Caroline Freeland-Duncan, Seabreaze crafts- Super cute handmade wood crafts decor, & very festive items.

Tanja McComb, Love Live Pure essentials- Essential Oil based bath balms, salts and sprays... they look so beautiful!!

Hasmig Royan, Green Garden Succulents- I love these succulent planters, awesome to decorate the home, give as hostess gifts, teacher or colleague gifts, and are so beautiful this time of year!

Paula Smith, Painted from the Heart- Super cool hand painted stones for your garden, i’m talking Leafs vs. Habs baby!

Laura Pilozzi, Organo Coffee- This coffee is a must have item for yourself and Christmas stockings, or holiday basket, the coffee is smooth and is mushroom infused for health benefits! I’ll let them give you the low down, but the “King” selection is deeeelicious!

Suzanne Hall, Norwex- Nina and I have been obsessed since day one (cloths with silver lining so you can clean with JUST water), their kitchen cloths, body cloths; no soap required, are amazing! They also have very cute children’s items for sanitary needs, and I love thier sink and bathroom cleaner :) My Friend Kristen is solely coming for this vendor! Lol

Debbi Koppejan, Sewn in My home- She calls herself the “Martha Stewart wannabe”, and her items are just as beautiful, handmade linen cloths, napkins and tablecloths, reduce, reuse, recycle. All I have in my home is cloths, we haven't purchased paper towels or napkins for years!

Mike Byrne, A Greener Future- When this vendor said yes, I did a little happy dance! These items are legit everything you need to ditch all single-use plastic. I feel like this present needs to be given to all people, young and old… ditch those nasty plastic straws already! They carry reusable straws, reusable bags of all sorts, and bamboo and wood items- LOVE!

Chelsea Saunders, Blossom beads co- Prettiest bracelets I've ever seen! All are handmade goods including gemstone diffuser bracelets, gemstone necklaces, dream catchers and wire wrapped sea glass necklaces! Perfect gifts for this Christmas!

Susan Bowman, Tiber River- Natural spa items, from what it seems like, all Canadian made. I’m interested in testing some of these products out.

Kristyn Pickell, Doterra- Another fav of SGM’s, you all know we both use essential oils in our home, on our children, and diffuse in the air, so delish! Im lathering myself right now with the flu bomb as I type, can we say cold and flu season?…. I'm hoping she has holiday on display!

Cozy Threads, Sarah Savage - HELLO, these hats are the cutest vegan touques I’ve ever seen! I.Want.One.Now.

Carrie Houle, Papersunshine- Themed framed signs and pictures, very trendy items for the perfect little rooms all made locally!

Patricia Susan Faragher, GOOD GRETA- Natural 100% Canadian Wool Pillows sewn in organic cotton. The Perfect gift for anyone wanting to make a healthy switch when it comes to sleep. Also, super stylish handmade rope bowls for anyone into home decor, and LOTS of reusable/refillable Eco snack bags, super excited for this…

Melisa Parkins, pocketCHANGE- This is probably the most unique vendor, upcycled items, fair trade & locally made "gifts that give back”, including magnets made from old beer cans, hand sewn items, and creations from bamboo.

Kayla Yong, Purple Paisley Soapery- Another beautiful soap and body vendor, whose things are so pretty you could eat, candles and dryer balls too!

Lori Lowe, Modere- Natural Collagen, yes please! Helps for pain relief and discomfort.

Alan Hayes, SUPER excited to check this company out, if you haven't heard of TESLA, you've been living under a rock! The most amazing electric car will be there right as you arrive, check this electric car out to hire for your next event or wine tour.

Jessica Arcaro, Ingram Honey, lip balms and drinks (I believe), I think supporting local honey makers is a big deal, to support local, but also to help the bees and the planet. Honey is the best to put in your tea or lemon water this time of year…

Simply Green Mums (Nina and Sam), Beautycounter- Of course we saved the best for last, kidding, well kind of ;). Our entire collection of the Beautycounter lines, makeup and body will be available for sample. As well as most of the HOLIDAY collection, and some take and carry items for holiday gifts! The leaders in safer products, B Corp certified, EWG verified and environmentally focused, need I say more.

So please, please, please…. You know the weather in November sucks! Come out, sip some vino, enjoy the view, shop with our incredible vendors, and enjoy a lovely afternoon at Jackson Triggs Winery.

We hope to see you there!

Simply Green Mums


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