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Why we chose Beautycounter…gasp!

Simply Green Mums (Nina and Sam) have been on the hunt for many years now, trying to find reliable “cleaner” and “safer” make-up, and beauty products that are accessible here in Canada. The worst part for us, was trying to find a company that was transparent AND honest about their ingredients, let alone posting them on the actual products! We didn’t want to be hit by another company that tried to market-smack us with wording like, “natural botanicals”, “plant based”, and “organically grown”…. We wanted the real deal, a company that told to us straight up what was in the products and the reason for their decisions on the ingredients. Not only did we find a transparent company; sharing their thought process and reasons for specific choices, but also we found a company that strives to be the leader in change and fight for information we deserve to know when it comes to the beauty industry, all while paying attention to reducing their carbon footprint...along with The B Corp and EWG certifications, just to name a few tags…. that is what sealed the deal for us.

We feel confident in saying that we really excelled in our environmental journey, when our own children were born, as we made it our mission to provide them the best choices we could find. Even if it meant ordering baby formula made in Germany, because it was organic and soy free… we knew our children came first and it was up to us to provide them with nothing but the best and safest world we could. So after many well-researched healthy and environmental decisions we made for our family, we always had in the back of our minds that there was always something missing. We all know as mothers, we generally come last…. providing our family with local and/or organic foods, clean with minimal and non-toxic ingredients, making our homes energy efficient, and buying second hand clothing and furniture. Our total carbon footprint has been reduced and our general life practices have been made safer and healthier for everyone in our home… well, accept ourselves. The last, and missing component was “cleaning” up our make-up. This was a constant lingering need in the back of our minds, and it needed to be solved!

One of the biggest determining factors for us to jump on team Beautycounter, was that it just made us feel giddy and excited inside to be apart of. This company just stands for change and powerful movement towards best environmental practices, that we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. Power in numbers stands true, especially when it comes to the environment. The more of us that support and purchase organic products; the more we will see it on our grocery shelves. The more of us that stand up and refuse to buy beauty products that don’t share their ingredient lists; the more “clean” those companies will become. This leads us to another grand reason why we chose Beautycounter, and that being they have an ever-adding list of over 1500 ingredients they will NEVER include in their products. Currently, the United States only bans 30 ingredients from their beauty products, with legislation being last updated in 1938, pertaining to what is permitted in beauty products! That’s unacceptable!!! However, we allow it by continuing to purchase American beauty products with brands like Clinique, Maybelline, Covergirl, or Elizabeth Arden. This leads us to the EWG certification, which is an organization that screens for safer products and has approved the ingredients in Beautycounter lines, this is a HUGE bonus in time & energy when looking for products for busy people. And...Beautycounter is B Corp certified, which means Beautycounter meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are trying to rebuild a sustainable economy/environment.

Another major reason why we choose Beautycounter is because sometimes you just can’t make a decadent chocolate cake without flour, eggs, cocoa and sugar. Anyone who has tried organic or natural alternatives, knows that they have tried more than one to find one that works. If you are reading this, we can assume you’ve tried more than three “all natural” deodorants that still leave you stinky? Well, one of the great perks to BC products is that they deliver great performing products that don’t make you feel like you’re wearing natural deodorant ;) This was an important feature for us because a product has to deliver, or you just won’t be purchasing it again, let alone telling your friends to try it out. Our list of fav products really keeps growing, and again this fact just makes it so much easier to share with our friends and family!

Lastly, we add a “gasp” to our reason to join, because we have both been hit with many “green” companies that sell their products through “multi level marketing”….and we have always taken pride that we support them, but don’t sell them. Beautycounter was different for us. We liked the fact that it promoted independence in women being able to run their own business while teaching, and giving power to other women. It’s not just a sales job…because I’m telling you, WE are NOT sales people!! Being apart of the Beautycounter team makes us feel empowered to share our knowledge with others and bring as many people as we can to the “green” side! We feel it is every person’s right to know what is in the products they consume, and they should only be supporting companies that are willing to share this information. If there’s a secret ingredient in your beauty products, than it’s a secret they are trying to hide for a reason. Choose a beauty product company that doesn’t have secrets, and shares their challenges and tribulations. It is a must for us to have all ingredients shared for every product we use. That shows the company has done their part in sharing their information, it is up to us to research and understand the impact. So we invite you to give Beautycounter a try!

Simply Green Mums


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