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Buy Nothing New: Year Long Journey, 10 & 11th month update

Ok, so this experience is now shocking to us, we’re about a month away from completing a WHOLE YEAR of buying nothing new?!?!?? Nothing new at all!?!?. We still don’t feel like it’s registered in our minds, it seems surreal and unfathomable that we have made it this far so quick. It’s become the new norm, a way of life...we have not ventured to the malls, the crazy plastic land of the dollar store, waited time in long lineups at the box stores, or online shopping, it’s just as simple as that. We have had more time to spend with the ones we love and discover what’s most important in our family’s life.

I know we’ve been slacking alot, life is really kicking us in the ass! Especially me, Sam, with illness striking myself and my husband, and just work and school craziness. Here is our 10th & 11th month update...

Our last video on instagram was great, but it expired (ha! Newbies). Therefore, I am trying to remember exactly what went down those last few months, with my minimal smartphone notes. I remember at the beginning of month 10, I was really struggling with my older son’s school uniform pants. He was coming home with holes monthly! I recall asking myself, what the hell are they doing in kindergarten all day?! My mom helped me out, and ironed on patches, which worked fine, were cheap and avoided putting them in the landfill, but holy hell... they fell off after one wash! SO trick #55, sew on your patches! By the beginning of month 11, I had my patches ironed on, and sewed on damn good! Now I’m obsessed with sewing... I have fixed many pairs of pants, holes on my son’s sleeves, and knees as well as my own! I have learned that you can find many nice coloured or pattern patches too if your kiddos are more inclined.

During our last live video update, we also talked about our positive feelings of accomplishments with the spirit of gift giving at Christmas. My fav eco gifts that I gave my family this year were; #1. Golfing experience for my dad; #2. Shaw festival (theatre) tickets to my mom, and #3. Jungle Hut day passes (indoor kids play park) for the cousins. As Nina and I have shared, it was the easiest and least stressful Xmas we’ve ever had! In the end, I highly recommend focusing on giving away experiences, where there’s no waste, no fuss, and it’s a gift that keeps giving later in the year. Also, you can use cute reusable tins/cans/containers to put the gift cards in (paper to recycle) and viola, a cute pressie!

One of my next topics of discussion, keeping with one of my consisten green promoting buying second hand. During a recent visit with my best friend Kristen, she had mentioned in discussion, a massive sale at a popular kids clothing store that was honestly irresistible, with the extreme savings that was going on. could I resist?!? I literally had to tell myself to sleep on it, and resist the impulsive urge to jump on this excessive sale. The more I thought about it, the more I realized...the kids didn’t care about the colours and patterns of their jackets, sweaters or pants, or how on trend they were with the season or how fashionable they look! That would be just my thoughts and the pressure I felt to follow all the marketing drama! And, just like that the urge passed over a good night sleep, and I regained my thought process to buy the usual secondhand items! I quickly fell back into my comfort zone when I was surrounded by like-minded people, like my dad, who bought my oldest second hand skates from “Play it Again Sports”. The skates worked great, and can now be used for my younger son, and furthermore, my nephew. In my mind, it just makes sense to buy it this way, it saves from so many items going into the landfill. There is only so much room on this planet for all of our STUFF!

During our 11th month, the morning of my niece’s 5th bday party, I opened up FB marketplace and just quickly scrolled through the items for sale. In less than 2 mins, I had found a princess party scooter and quickly jumped on messenger to buy that bike!!! I am proud to say, that gift was a huge success, not only was it apart of the theme of the party, but all the kiddos were begging to play with it! Total Aunie win! I had made no stops to the box toy store, no shipping costs or waiting time, and I literally had to say a quick “hi, is this available?”... to jumping in my car to pick up off the porch and wrapped within an hour! If you haven’t bought off FB marketplace I highly recommend it! Marketplace on Facebook has also become my friend in other rewarding ways! My family also recently bought a secondhand dryer machine from FB Marketplace for $150, all in! We were desperate and actually bought it the exact same day my dryer died/broke. One of the best parts about buying used in my opinion, is that the items have had time to “air out” or “breath”, so there aren’t any “off-gasing” of toxic glues/paints/dyes/plastics etc. I wince as I think about the smell brand new furniture gives off from various chain stores, as they have such an overpowering stink and make me sick. When you buy second hand, you’re completely by-passing this stage of stink, and just making it your own!

As I sit back and ponder, one thing I do miss at the end of this journey, is my black eyeliner, LOL. It’s been 4 months without it, and I often feel bare! But goes on, and I have bigger worries than a the perfect cat eye!

Simply Green Mums


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