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“Nothing-new” Gift giving guide for the “LOVE” holidays

We have a few celebrated moments coming up that affect us all. We have Valentines day (which some people just refer to as a “Hallmark” holiday), and come springtime, we have Mother’s day, followed by Father’s day. Here are just a few ideas to make it more intimate, sentimental, thoughtful and of course…. Limited waste and nothing new!

  1. Write a letter/note/card of thanks and gratitude to your loved one. Talk about a memory that stands out in your mind, reasons why they are important to you, a quote that makes you think of them, the first time you met, or a funny moment you shared. One of the BEST mother's day gifts I received was a hand written letter from my sister-in-law that brought me to tears!

  2. Book an experience. This would include any necessary babysitting, reservation at a restaurant or tickets to a show that you’ve pre-arranged for ease of your get together.

  3. Coupons for acts of service. This could include a relaxing or romantic massage, cooking a meal, cleaning the house, ironing shirts, pulling weeds, taking out the trash, washing the floors, a “night off from the kids”, grocery shopping, etc. We don’t want to get too intimate… but use your imagination for your partner;)

  4. Bake a fav dessert, healthy muffins or cook a meal.

  5. Send your fav app. With the advancement of technology today, we can “virtually” send anything…no pun intended ;) One of my most appreciated apps I received as a gift, was the “Oh She Glow” recipe app.

  6. Pass on a favourite book you read. It’s always great to leave a little note inside, write it on a piece of card stock so it can even be kept as a bookmark.

  7. Paint a picture. Be creative. Use old scraps of wood or canvas and paint on a quote or silhouette of their interest. DIY are trending everywhere and easy to follow tutorials (YouTube)!

  8. Frame a picture. Hit up your local thrift shop and find some old frames, print an old or new memory…et voilà, some framed memories as art!

  9. DIY a loved product… google some recipes for sugar body scrubs, dry shampoo, body wash, deodorant, or dish soap to name a few. My favourite is organic cane sugar, with organic olive oil and drops of wild orange EO, its the BEST body scrub for these winter months.

  10. Make your own wine… even make your own label to go with it!

Whatever you decide to make, give or buy, keep the environment in mind.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Simply Green Mums