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Making your OWN Trends

We are honestly so lucky to be in a generation where ‘anything goes’ with décor and fashion! In fact, we are ENCOURAGED more than ever to self-express, ‘Do It Yourself’ projects, or embrace a self-employed movement. What does that look like in fashion? Well, you have many flashbacks to your past…from the stilettos to the Doc Martins and now the crushed velvet….eeek! There are no more rules to follow, like no wearing white jeans past labour day, no bright colours into fall…ANYTHING goes! Express yourself, blend patterns and colours and wear what’s most comfortable to you. It’s even more awesome that there are so many local second hand stores that carry many options that will work as statement pieces, forever pieces or just that one trendy piece you could potentially resell down the road.

It often feels endless with the current extreme turn over in our ‘fast fashion’ market, it simply just isn’t possible to keep many of your pieces for more than a year if you’re looking to stay ‘on trend’… but au contraire mon frère! You can still be fashionable, without being a victim of fashion! I recall learning this lesson from a good friend, Melissa, in University. She told me she spent over $200 on a pair of Tommy Hilfiger tall black boots. I almost fell off my chair when she told me, as I paid my own way through school, working three jobs while still loving to shop and not really being able to afford it. I was a great bargain hunter for deals, and I went for straight cheap clothing that would fail me in a season (or less). I bought the wannabees or the lookalikes, but for sure not the real things!! However, I began to admire my girlfriend’s closet as she had a limited closet of reallllly nice quality items. They cost her more, but they lasted much longer and the quality was there. She was the one who convinced me to make the leap and spend over $100 dollars on my first brand name Parasuco jeans!!! (I won’t tell you I still have them as ‘campfire’ jeans ;).

So, I have come to appreciate that quality IS better than quantity! Spend a little extra on those timeless items, and buy fewer things. Why not love every item you own, instead of walking into your closet every morning and saying you have nothing to wear!? Or, head to those trendy, hipster, vintage shops and buy used clothing, pieces that stand out to you, instead of brand new, contributing to the fast turn over of materials.

Happy Shopping!



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