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5th Month Journal: Buy Nothing New

IT’S. NOT. GETTING. EASIER…. this is our 5 month update :)

Nina’s Update: Within the 5 month mark, our family went through a pretty big milestone…. We bought a new house. Now when I say new, I mean 30 years plus, home. We did pretty good considering. We managed to beg, borrow and steal all the necessary boxes to move, however we did have to buy packing tape. We were also advised by the house inspector to fill a few minor cracks in the foundation and replace two basement windows in the basement. That would complete our list of newly purchased items, and I’m dam proud of that list!

My son returned back to school and myself back to work, and I resisted ALL temptations not to buy anything new! This would be the first time I did not stock up on crazy clothing sales from stores like GAP, Old Navy, H&M and’s REALLY hard to resist those 50% sales on super cute kids clothing. Instead I hit up Once Upon a Child and picked up the few necessary items my kids actually really did need. I also found it challenging to plug my ears to the radio announcements, and turn my head at the billboard adverts on all the great back to school savings for us teachers! I’m such a sucker for great deals and cute clothing. I bought nothing, and miraculously, I still have a closet full of clothing to wear!

Since we have bought our new house, we are also on a mission to make it the most eco-friendly as possible. My husband removed all our dimmers and LED lighting in the old house, and switched them for whatever we had still left over in the house. We did a few trips to Habitat for Humanity to switch some of these items, as well as replace some of the light fixtures we wanted to keep. Next, I will be onto the toilets to make them “lower flushing”.

Sam’s Update: Yes, I admit, I watch bachelor in paradise! lol, but really, again, I have not fit in the time to look for second hand work clothes for myself, I am just barely handling the daily grind, and then passing out to Bachelor nation. I hope to venture to the new vintage stores soon. I have to admit I have the worst urges lately to buy work clothes, it’s just too easy & convenient. But, I havent had the time, so the urges do fade, I hope to soon pop into: Treasures and Trends, the brand new Value Village in Burlington, Carousel Kids' new location in Waterdown, and the new consignment store on the Hamilton Mountain, Style Encore. Check them out & find a tailor, or use a family or friend that sews. I did however, find all my sons uniform clothes via social media for $10 DOLLARS!!!!!! My little guy is starting j/k, (insert ugly mom cry), and I had two weeks to buy his uniforms. I joined the uniform groups, made some posts, and, BAM, I found 10 pairs of pants, and about 5 or 6 shirts, and I only had one pick up. All I had to buy was 6 crests, which is required for my sons elementary school.

Our downfall after this 5th month was, my husband bought new shoes from H&M, there is a back story to this, which involves a grandma, yellow runners and a hospital…. check out our 5th month video update on facebook to hear it, in its entirety (Page, Simply Green Mums - Buy nothing new). Let’s just say he’s beyond vintage.

And the last challenge this month was another non-tangible gift. Our good friends had a baby, and they already have all the baby junk and more, I knew I just wanted to give them a service. So many moms are sleep depreived the first three months, they end up eating fast food and coffee, and they dont have time to clean the house or themselves. I totally recommend, after having two babies, to stop giving new mom's, “things”, lord knows after baby showers you have literally an entire room of plastic, wood, and pink or blue things. Get the new parents a month gift certificate to a cleaning service, get thier car detailed, give the momma a spa day, or a gift card to get her hair done. But the gift I loved the most, which I got as a new mom was a, MEAL SERVICE. frozen meals delivered to me for a week, we literally didnt have to cook for a week, and man was that amazing when your exhausted and feel like death. SO, that’s what we gave our friends, a meal service. There are so many services out there for food deliveries, organic, vegan, healthy, cooked, frozen, prep yourself, just google and it’s all there.

well, thats it for now ladies and gents. Almost at the half way point, see you in a month.

Peace and love,

Simply Green Mums


ps. Tim's is still a problem, but we compost and recycle (sigh).

Enjoy September Mums & Dads!!!

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