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One Month Journal- Buy Nothing New

Nina: It’s officially been a month since starting this new life journey. Honestly, up until this point, I do feel like I need to brag and say that it’s been pretty easy ha! I’m not going to get ahead of myself, because frankly, 4 weeks ain’t nothing! There’s been no Christmas in there, no big life changes, no projects gone wrong and nothing has been broken… insert ‘knock on wood’ emoji here!

Now when I say ‘easy’, guess what I have sitting right beside me… That’s right, my first drive thru coffee cup (since this challenge started), next to my laptop, and in the background, a VERY messy counter top! I feel like it was just what the Doctor ordered. It’s my peace and quiet. It’s MY moment to collect my thoughts. It represents “me” time… and gosh darn it, I know I deserve it! I think that’s why I find this journey that our families have taken on so life changing.

Sam: I too feel like the first month was pretty easy, I didn’t go to really any stores except to grocery shop (minus the Costco temptation). And, I too cheated and went through drive-thru Timmies, but hey, I used a reusable mug and bought tim bits that were in a cardboard recyclable container (take that for the win, Nina!!!! LOL, kidding). I bought a birthday gift second hand, other than that we haven’t needed anything, that being said, my three year old has no summer clothes, sandals or wet shoes that fit, and the baby will need a sun hat and possibly a bathing suit. Once upon a child here I come, which location should I start at? Which mom group do I choose? What the hell is SPPU, BNWT, EUC, XP, ABCDEFG???…. I need to learn this lingo fast, and learn the rules to over 20 buy & sell groups, H-E-L-P! All kidding aside, I’m happy to be on this journey and I am looking forward to the next 11 months of buying nothing new.

What we have gained so far…

  1. We’re more reflective- We think more about how our actions as individuals and as a family make an impact on the world around us. We think about creating more memories rather collecting things. We feel like we have gained more value for life and relationships because of this journey and really try to make ourselves present in what means the most.

  2. Saving money- We know, our credit card bills show it, and our monthly expenses are far less. We’re not buying something just for the sake of a sale or because it’s cute or I think I need to have it. We are far more conscience of what spending is happening.

  3. Saving time- (Nina) When I have 15 minutes before I need to pick up the kids, or half an hour to kill before my appointment, I’m NOT going into the malls or stores to walk around. I make better use of my time. I’m not cluttering my schedule with unnecessary stops to buy something I don’t need. (Sam) I think with time, I’m trying to prep my coffee and snacks ahead of time to avoid drive thru, and I have my kids at home right now, so temptations are lower.

  4. Less stuff.- It really feels good to live with less ‘things’….It’s easier to clean, easier to stay organized and you appreciate what you do have and love those things with more attention. I think we can both say, we’re still working on the less stuff, we currently have. More toy purging needs to happen over time.

  5. Making great connections and conversations- (Nina) Since the start I have talked to co-workers that I have barely even said hello to. They have shared with me ways in which they personally make efforts to live with less or actions they take to help the environment. I find it so uplifting sharing stories about what drives and motivates you, and I find it rewarding to spark those passionate conversations with even a stranger! (Sam) It was great being called out at the pool as the, “simply green mum”, and the mom that noticed me had nothing but encouraging words to say! These interactions make this journey worthwhile and beneficial to help others ‘think’ about the environment and their choices. It also gave me motivation to keep going, someone is always rooting for you!

  6. I feel like a better person- (Nina) I believe we all strive to live a better life… whether it’s being happier, healthier, or wealthier. I feel this choice for our family has added to the richness of our life in many realms. Not only does that make me feel good, but it is an unbelievable feeling to know that you can also support others at the same time.

  7. Less waste- We do have a crush on the earth…. And Mr. Tesla, and David Suzuki, and Jessica Alba, and Leonardo Dicaprio… we could go on. Anyway, WE are PASSIONATE about protecting the natural beauty that surrounds us.. We worry about what the world will be like for our children. So yes, we do want to help make a difference and reduce our ultimate carbon footprint. With the goal to buy nothing new, all these little steps, help to create less total waste.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our live one-month update on our page (copy & paste link above).

Here’s to another great 11 months!


Nina & Sam

Simply Green Mums


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