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How to Avoid Temptations

Let’s face it… we are all hit with SOOOO many super over-consuming, extreme unnecessary temptations! Your neighbourhood is flooded with beautifully decorated front porches; every advert features the best dressed, most beautifully manicured body and face; and all the little minions running around, are fitted in the most matching labeled ensemble. How do you keep up?!? The answer…. YOU DON’T! Beat to your own drum, make your own style and be confident it what you support.

1. Stay motivated!

Eat, sleep, breathe, repeat, your passion. Read books on your interests; create a “dream” board plastered with all your top aspirations; attend a workshop in that field; or blog about your experiences.

2. Surround yourself with SUPPORTERS

Connect yourself to like-minded groups and people. Unfortunately, sometimes the people closest to you do not share the same visions…and that’s ok. Use social media to your advantage. Create a Facebook group, follow and join the pages that spark your inner movement.

3. Mental self-talk

In those quiet moments alone, when you’re driving to work, or lying in bed staring at the ceiling, talk to yourself. Ask yourself what’s important? What do you want in your future? What does “healthy” mean or look like, for you and your family? Letting your thoughts out will help you categorize what’s most important and put some clarity to your long-term vision.

4. Take risks

Be transparent and share your thoughts and visions with the more difficult crowds. Stand your ground and be confident in your chosen path! You will be rewarded by the appreciation for truth and reality by the people you least expect!

5. Get outta DODGE!

Just don't go! Avoid the mall or box stores if you don’t need anything. Don't browse those on-line stores either, it's too easy to click, add to cart, purchase, repeat. Usually the urge will pass, and you will find something more meaningful to do.

6. Write LISTS

Plan, organize yourself before you go to the grocery store, to the mall, Costco, kids clothing stores. Stick to what you need vs. what you what, because nine times out of ten it’s just excessive. Planning keeps things simple.


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