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The "Buy Nothing New" Gift-giving Guide for Mother’s Day

Ahhh, Mother's Day is in less than two weeks! Check out our list of "Buy Nothing New" gifts you can make or obtain that has a lower environmental impact.

- Video memory made by Folktreefilms (1)

- Home cooked meal or dessert (and clean up too!)

- Vegetable/herb seeds & pots from a second hand store

- A plant from your own home (give/split what you already have)

- Gift certificate to a wknd away (Inn/Spa/Winery), preferably paper or an e-mail certificate

- Brew your own wine certificate

- Donation to KIVA (micro loans to women in poverty nations) you can pick the woman you’d like to support uplifting another woman/mother/grandmother (this can be e-mailed)

- Essential oils for stress relief, natural fragrance or relaxation

- Meal delivery for a week (Vegan like Fuel Foods, Green Zebra or Efresh meals) all containers are recyclable

- Handmade card/gift by the grandkids like a painted canvas (2)

- Share your talent-edited pictures of your daughter in grandma’s wedding dress and mom’s wedding dress, a painting, a framed poem/song/short story

- Write about your favourite memories as a child

- Clean/detail her car

- Clean the house

Make memories together;

- Tickets to a show/concert/live performance/movies (Costco has movies certificates that are paper and easily recyclable )

- A night out- treat her to a meal, high tea or dessert

- Cooking lessons, craft lessons, healthy living/eating workshop at a local health store

It's all about appreciating your mother/grandmother/and important women in your life, sometimes the basics are forgotten during holidays. Therefore, think less about what to impress them with, or how much money you should spend, and instead think of the enjoyment, experience or relief you'll provide them, when purchasing or creating a thoughtful gift.

We hope this helps with your gift giving choices.

Happy Mother's Day!

Nina & Sam



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