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Sam’s Why?

Taking on this challenge with Nina and our families is so important to me and will definitely challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone but for me it was important for the health of my family and the environment, to try.

So here's my list on the most important reasons why I wanted to do this challenge:

1) The news, articles, blogs, Facebook feeds of global warming and climate change are terrifying to me and the possible future for my children.

2) I wanted to do more than just recycle and buy organic products.

3) I can’t afford to buy a hybrid/electric car, convert my home to be off the grid, or do anything extreme at this stage in my life, so this "life-style" change is something my busy family can do to reduce junk in the land fill and become more conscious consumers.

4) To learn to refurbish, re-love, and up-cycle things. To change my mind set that new isn’t better in all areas of the home and lifestyle. (I also can’t wait to find a good taylor!!).

5) To spend more time with my family on the weekends instead of “shopping” and looking for the latest and greatest, having experiences and sharing experiences- Hikes, Walks, Parks, Backyard fun, camping, learning to bike, relaxing on the beach, libraries, concerts, travelling…truly seeing if giving up things makes room for more living!

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