Greener Leaders

Greener Education is expanding its programming! This fall, pre-teens can be a part of “The Greener Teen’s Leadership Program.” 

“The Greeneer Leaders Leadership Program” encourages our youth to not only appreciate the great outdoors, but it provides a natural space for students to work collaboratively in building solutions to environmental challenges to enrich their community. 

Pre-teens (ages 10-13) will be immersed into the great outdoors which will provide a natural space for them to work collaboratively in teams overcoming challenges. Together they will grow, solve and discover while creating a deeper connection to their environment, enriching their community and reflecting on indigenous perspectives.  Each session will end with the celebration of outdoor cooking.


How will my child grow in this program?

Your child will be given an opportunity to discover at their own pace.  To explore, to question, to dig deeper, and to connect with nature.  Your child will be the leader who decides what they want to discover, how they want to challenge themselves and begin to answer their own questions. 


As Greener Educators we will get to know your child’s interests, strengths and challenges.  We know when to sit back and observe learning happen naturally and we are trained to know when to inquire, when to challenge and at what pedagogical level.  When children are interested, they learn without even noticing, or better yet, they welcome it!