Frequently asked questions

What is Greener Education all about?

Greener Education is about exploring and inquiring about our world through nature. It’s about respecting and creating a connection to the world around us. While children wonder and explore together, they are guided by Greener Educators and encouraged to dig deeper (no pun intended) into their learning experience. These explorations will cross over multiple areas of growth: social/emotional skills, academics such as literacy, math, science and arts, as well as the development of physical literacy and fine and gross motor skills. Greener Education is an opportunity for children to discover and reflect on their world, while also encouraging them to be eco-friendly and caring to their environment and to each other.

Where is Greener Education happening?

Greener Education takes place in public parks that provide a multitude of exploration through pathways, waterways, forested areas, fields, etc in beautiful Burlington, Ontario.

When is Greener Education happening?

Greener Education plans for every season of participation. Rain, shine, snow or sun! Follow us for details of locations and dates for our next season of programming!

How will my child grow in this program?

I wonder? It’s a powerful question. Your child will be given an opportunity to discover at their own pace. To explore, to question, to dig deeper, to connect to their world. Your child will be the leader who decides what they want to discover, how they want to challenge themselves and what they want to learn. As Greener Leaders we will get to know your child’s interests, strengths and challenges. We know when to sit back and observe learning happen naturally and we are trained to know when to inquire, when to challenge and at what pedagogical level. When children are interested, they learn without even noticing, or better yet, they welcome it!


“I had an amazing time even as a volunteer, and it was very obvious that the kids had a great time as well. Can’t wait to volunteer again it was such an amazing experience.” -Teen Volunteer “As a Greener Education Camp volunteer I felt that it was a very fun experience for myself and the campers. Nina, Stephanie and Amy always had the best plans for the day and were great at helping campers feel enthusiastic and welcomed. I truly loved everything this camp had to offer but I believe that my favorite part was the opportunity to bring a smile to every campers face.”-Teen Volunteer, Jolina “I had so, so, so much fun volunteering at this camp! It was definitely the highlight of my summer and I’m sure it was for the campers as well. It was an overall great experience so some of my favourite parts were when the campers were making picture frames for their tree pictures and us, volunteers got to help them with gluing and things they couldn’t do on their own. I liked seeing how creative they were with every craft we did. Another of my favourite things was when we got to build boats and race them in the creek, the campers had so many great ideas to make the boats sail more efficiently. I love the idea of them having to buy the different materials for the boats. The things that brought me the most joy were just the little things, like being wanted to help with making a paper airplane, tying their shoe, listening to their honest comments and joking with them.” -Teen Volunteer “It was an amazing week! I loved the sense of community that developed over the week, getting to know the campers and the other volunteers were fun to work with!” -Teen Volunteer “My son loved the camp. His favourite part was meeting a new friend. He loves to be outside and in nature so this was the perfect fit for him. He was a little upset that he couldn't go all summer.” - Jenn Parker “They loved every day and couldn't wait until the next. Mud day was their favorite!” -Parent “My 8 year old absolutely loved this program, if it was available to do again I'd have enrolled her for more than one week in the summer. My 4 year old was green with envy every day we came to pick her up from camp and he can't wait to be old enough to enrol as well. I was so impressed with how much was packed into 4 mornings, above and beyond my expectations.” -Parent “My son loved this camp. He keeps asking to go back. I am in love with the photo craft- what an amazing memory!” -Parent “I sent both of my kids to this camp and they loved it so much, especially going down the mudslide and building a bridge over the creek. Exploring creatures in the water, learning about nature, crafting, story time and sing a longs made for the greatest days and excitement to share at pick up! Cannot say enough great things about the leaders and volunteers! Looking forward to signing them up for another session in the future.” -Parent