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nothing new

is it possible to buy nothing new for a year?

We think it is! We're two life long friends and new mothers who've felt helpless at times to enact change in a world where global warming and over consumption seemed to go hand it hand. Well those times are over, inspired by the success of Simply Green Mum's and the Mom's around us we decided to take action and started "Nothing New". 

A year long challenge to buy nothing new!

Starting April 22nd 2017 (Earth Day) we'll be journaling our story here and on youtube for the entire year, as we attempt to buy nothing new. 

the rules

No purchasing of any new products!

Make your own products, everything from beauty, to cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Avoid excessive take out packaging and like-services.

Find/use second hand items as an alternative.

All efforts must be made when purchasing food, to reduce total waste and environmental

impact with food processing and production (ex. buying in bulk, supporting local, not subscribing to over packaged products, best practice in place for waste management such as composting and repurposing/up cycling).



Purchasing of consumable food items only

Medication/vitamins/essential oils are permitted

Essential living items permitted (ex. Diapers and contacts)

Services - Hair cuts (We're not savages!) 

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